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In 2010 Polly and Phil cycled 900 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats. On Saturday 27th June we want to try and cover the same mileage throughout the Polly's Day community. This could be done by cycling, running, rowing, or however you want to club together and get some miles completed.


If you're putting yourself up for a challenge, and you think people may wish to sponsor you, please share the donation page with them and make sure they mention you in the comments - #poundsforpolls.

Land's End to John O'Groats Virtual Challenge

Between us all we are aiming to cover 900 miles in a day.


We are inspiring you to run, cycle, walk, skip, commando roll (whatever you'd like to do!) however far you'd like, and to let us know your distance. Obviously all activity undertaken within government guidelines please.

The dream would be for everyone to donate their distance e.g. miles, kilometres, metres or get lovely people around you to sponsor you. 

How does it work? 

We're a team on this, so want to celebrate everyone's successes. Please pop your details and distance in the form below so we know how far we've all achieved together.

How can I share my distance to be a part of the total? 

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Amazing work, thank you!

Yes, we will set up a club on Strava called 'Polly's Challenge' so be sure to join it if you log your workouts on there. Please do let us know your distance on the form too though so we can keep track and try to capture everyone (as not everyone uses tech wizardry!). 

Can I log my distance on Strava? 


How will we know if we get to John O'Groats in a day? 

On Saturday 27th June we will have a tracker on this page which we'll be updating live with our collective distance... Yep, we know, the suspense will be too much!

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